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“Hot Dog Guy”

Set to be in movie with “Alias” star.

Published: March 02, 2008

You can usually find Don Cowan in front of Andover’s Old Town Hall hawking hot dogs to passersby.
But next year, you might just find the local “Hot Dog Guy” on the big screen.
Cowan, a Methuen resident, has a small part in Jennifer Garner’s new movie, “The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” which is filming in Boston and Ipswich.
He sells Garner — aka Mrs. Ben Affleck — a hot dog in the movie, in what turns out to be an important scene, the director told him.
The movie is set for a February 2009 release.
Cowan, who used to work in the printing business, has served franks for six years. He owns Brian’s Father’s Hot Dogs, and when he’s not behind his hot dog cart, Cowan is selling hot dog carts all over the the country.
Movies or not, he’s already famous in his own way.
“It’s kind of cute. ... I was in Cape Cod walking around and this kid says, ‘Hey, there’s the hot dog guy.’ “
How did you end up in the movie?
They called me up and asked if I’d do it. They saw my Web site,
So what do you do?
I sell Jennifer Garner a hot dog. As she’s walking away, she gets some mustard on her face and Matthew McConaughey takes her photograph. It was pretty exciting.
What’s Jennifer like?
She is an absolute doll. She was like the girl next door. They treated me like royalty there.
Were you nervous with all these movie stars?
Well, it’s funny. I always try to put the condiments on so people don’t get stuff all over them. I handed Jennifer the first hot dog and she was so sweet, she didn’t say anything. She came back on the second take and asked me to add a little more mustard. I explained how I didn’t want her to get messy, and she said, ‘I have to get it on my face.’
I’ve seen that photo with the mustard. It’s circulating on the Internet.
Yeah, I know. Everyone’s been sending me stuff.
I hear your last shot at fame didn’t go as well.
I was the hot dog vendor in the pilot for “Numbers” (an NBC detective show). I was selling hot dogs at Faneuil Hall. It ended up on the cutting room floor. But this time, I know there are no promises, but the director told me this is an important part.
Will you do more movies?
Well, people on the set were asking me for my business cards. You never know.
Crystal Bozek, Staff Writer for the Lawrence Eagle Tribune

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