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Permits, License, Etc.

This information is offered only as a guideline. Permit and license requirements vary widely from state to state and even city to city. It is highly recommended you contact your local health and police departments to acquire specific information regarding licensing and Permit requirements for your area.

There will be two types of permits/licenses you may have to deal with. The first license will likely be required in just about any jurisdiction you choose to do business in. This is a license from your local Health Department. This basically authorizes you to sell food in your area. This will usually always require an inspection of your Trailer, but not to worry, 99.9% of the time your Portable Food Service Trailer will meet all the requirements of this inspection. In a very rare case an additional piece of equipment may be required. Cost of this license will vary widely but will usually be $100 or under. Depending on where you live, these licenses are either issued by your local town or by your state.

The other type of permit you may have to deal with is related to the locations you choose to use to sell your product. In the case of Public property, Playgrounds, Beaches or even City Streets, this may or may not require a permit from your local police department. In the case of events such as Parades, Ball Games or Carnivals, once again a permit may be required. If you decide to sell on private property, usually only permission from the owner is required. Once again cost of these permits will vary widely.

It is STRONGLY recommended, and it cannot be emphasized more, that you should check with the proper regulating agencies in your area for specific requirements.

Due to the wide variation in Health standards from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, cannot guarantee that our cart will pass inspection in every jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to determine your local health requirements and decide if our cart will pass "As Is".

If any modifications or additions are required will happily work with you to satisfy your local requirements.

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