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Model 8DC - Price $1895.00*

Powered by a 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery

Product Information:

New to the market! NSF approved.  Machine uses easy to find cube ice. This unit is a 12 volt machine powered by hooking up a deep cycle marine battery. Easy to use. Unique blade adjustment enables user to make light and fluffy snow. When lid is open, machine turns off for a safe work environment. Now available in 12 volt model-8DC.

Dimensions: 14" W X 15" X 17" D
Net Weight: 47 lbs.
Shaving Capacity: 6.0 lbs per minute.
Electrical: 12 volts.
Accessories: 1 tray, 1 spare blade.

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Model 8E - Price $1695.00*

NSF approved cube ice shaver. This machine has an adjustable blade to produce snow that is very light and fluffy. When the lid is open, the machine automatically shuts off for safe operation. No exposed blade or moving parts. New to the market! Machine uses easy to find cube ice.

  • Dimensions 14" W x 15" D x 17" H
  • Net Weight - 47 lbs.
  • Shaving Capacity: 60 lbs. per min.
  • Electric: 115v 60hz, 3.8 amps
  • Accessories: 1 tray & 1 spare blade
  • Call to Order 1-978-360-0963



Apricot - Banana - Black Cherry - Blackberry - Blue Bubble Gum

Blue Raspberry - Blueberry - Butterscotch - Cherry - Chocolate

Coconut - Cola - Cream Soda - Daiquiri - Fruit Punch - Grape

Green Apple - Guava - Kiwi - Lemon Lime - Margarita - Mango

Orange - Passion Fruit - Peach - Peaches & Cream - Pina Colada

Pineapple - Pink Bubble Gum - Pink Champagne - Pink Cotton Candy

Pink Lemon Sour - Red Apple - Red Hot - Red Raspberry - Rock and Roll - Root Beer

Ruby Red Grapefruit - Spearmint - Strawberry - Strawberry Daiquiri - Tangerine

Vanilla - Watermelon - Wild Cherry Wild Thing

Selling "Shaved Ice" is a great way to bring your hot dog customers to you on those hot days. As you can see there are many different flavors, but in a high volume area it is recommend to carry only four flavors because some customers might slow you down when they are making their decision what flavor to get.

Quarts: $12.95 each - Gallons: $33.95 each*

1 Dozen of Empty Plastic Quart Bottles: $18.00*

1 Dozen Easy Pours for Quart Bottles $5.00*


*Plus Shipping.


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