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Hot Dog Success Stories

  • A group of female exotic dancers in Florida got together and purchased several Hot Dog Trailers. They took turns operating them during the day while still dancing at night. They chose to wear rather revealing attire. Quickly there daily gross climbed to $2,000 - $3,000 per day. All was well until the Florida Highway Patrol noticed that the car accident rates were drastically increasing on the roads surrounding their selling locations. The local government responded by instituting an ordnance that established a dress code for all street vendors. Needless to say this dress code did not allow the attire the ladies were previously wearing. Although business still boomed, it was just not the same for the girls and they moved on to other things.

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  • John Rodin retired from his job as an engineer for an Long Island Aerospace company after 30 years of loyal service. John being an active person very quickly got bored with sitting at home. Since his career had always required him to be stuck in an office, he always had an urge to do something that was more people oriented. He decided to purchase a Hot Dog Trailer. John was also an avid Softball fan and attended his sons games regularly. He however hated the fact that there was nowhere to get anything to eat while at the game. What could be better, bring the traditional Hot Dog to the traditional Ball Game. John operates his trailer for the full softball season (2 1/2 Months) and then spends the rest of his time in South Carolina pursuing his other love, Golf. All this courtesy of the money he makes from operating his trailer. Part of the $30,000 he made his first year gave him the down payment for his condo in Myrtle Beach and after 3 years he is now making $45,000/year off of his trailer. He has paid off his condo and has enough money to live on so that he can bank his good size retirement check. All this is wonderful, but what John likes best is that he is getting paid to watch the game.

  • Cara Taylor was laid off from her job as a sales clerk in a Los Angeles Department Store. This was not the 1st time this happened and not the first time she had to visit the unemployment office. After a long day at the unemployment office she was tired and hungry. Fortunately there was a Hot Dog Vendor working the street outside the office. She went over, purchased a Hot Dog and started to chat with the vendor. Since Cara is a very attractive woman, the male Hot Dog Vendor was more than happy to answer her questions, what she was told changed her life. The next day she filled out her loan application to purchase a Hot Dog Trailer, Within 2 weeks a truck backed up to her home and the trailer was dropped off. Cara had hoped that the trailer would arrive soon, since the upcoming week was that of the Rose Bowl, the Rose Parade as well as many associated events. In 6 Days Cara made over $22,000. She looks back on this and wonders how much she could have made if she knew what she was doing. In any case, since then Cara continues to work the Rose Bowl Week, she has found herself 3 or 4 other events as well. Bottom line, Cara works less than 30 days a year with her trailer and the rest of the time on her tan. She makes 3 times more than she did working in any job she had previous to this and puts in less than one tenth the hours. All in all Cara is a one very happy lady.

  • Tony Corazzini was a Real Estate Agent on Cape Cod until that market went into a tailspin. Tony now needed to find something else to do. He knew it had to involve sales but he just did not know what. After trying a few things he decided to get into the Hot Dog Cart business. At first he tried several locations and was not tremendously successful, but he kept at it. Finally he found a spot on the main road through town. It was a parking lot at the beginning of one of the longest bike trails in the country. This was the spot. Tony won't tell us how much money he makes in the 4 months he works his cart, but we do know that this is his only job, yearly he takes at least a 1 month vacation to such places as Europe or South America and he spends the rest of the Winter in Florida. Tony is doing OK.

  • Jerry Sullivan's brother was a city planner in Boston. Through his brother, Jerry learned that the city was going to close the main downtown street to automobile traffic. This would make it easier and safer for shoppers to move around in this area. This street contained the downtown areas biggest shopping attractions including the main stores for the 2 biggest chains in the state. Jerry had been floundering around from one poor paying job to the next, his brother really wanted Jerry to do something with his life, so he loaned him some money, helped him with the permits and set Jerry up with a Hot Dog Trailer. Jerry now only works the lunch shift, about 2 hours a day. He only works Monday through Friday from Mid April to late September. Jerry Sullivan makes about $45,000/Year.
  • All of these stories are quite different in some respects. Some of the successes happened immediately, others required the operator to have patience and to stick to it. They all however have things in common as well. These operators do not work as much as most Americans do, but there hourly pay is much much higher than that of most Americans. The other common thread in these stories is very basic, if you have the right location and you are willing to work, you will Make Money, in fact probably more money than you are making now.