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Hot Dog Carts have a 1 Year

Limited Warranty from the Manufacturer


All parts of your Hot Dog Cart are guaranteed, from the manufacturer, for 1 year from the date of delivery of your cart. During the warranty period, If any part fails due to wear and tear or a defect it will be replaced free of charge by the manufacturer.

Other types of damage including but not limited to misuse or abuse are not covered by this warranty. and the manufacturer are not responsible for any loss of business which may occur due to a part failure. does not make any imply that they warranty any cart or trailer, it is solely the manufacture that warranties items they build.

Click here to see our selection of our Hot Dog Carts, Prices, etc.


If you have any specific questions please

call 1-978-360-0963 or email


IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the customer to be sure that the cart that you order and purchase from the Manufacturer meets all of the local health code requirements for your intended location. Local health codes can vary greatly from city to city, county to county, and state to state. There is a lot of varying information on the internet regarding local health code requirements. Do your research carefully. Please contact your local health department directly for their specific requirements. Further, we would recommend that you actually take the time to visit their office in person (with the cart photos, the specs and the drawings) to be sure that you and they are on the same page that your cart will be approved.

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